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In excess of a million m2 of this product has been laid over the last 9 years with outstanding results and we have not had a single failure with Cathedral Flooring when it has been fitted to our specification over Underfloor Heating. Cathedral Flooring has been subjected to extensive testing which has been carried out in conjunction with two of the UK's largest Underfloor Heating Companies.




This is a brief introduction to floor finishes and ongoing maintenance.

Like it or not! all timber floors will pit and scratch over time. Any hardwood floor is an expensive investment to have supplied and fitted, you are bound to be over protective of your new floors initially. Lets not forget, a floor is a floor, not a piece of fine furniture. That being said there are measures you can take to keep your floor looking attractive with a continuation of good service for years to come. Most people look on the character of an aged floor with admiration of age gone by. We call this the patina of age. As well as wearing in, a floor can change colour over time due to the effect of ultra violet rays reacting with the Lignon in the timber. The extent of this will depend on the species. Floor finishes can also be effected by ultra violet adding to the over all effect.

Your floor needs to be protected from water, dust, grit and heat.

Simple precautions.

There are three main types of floor finish widely used, Wax's, Oil's and lacquers

It is important to make sure that the correct maintenance products are used as specified by the manufacturer of the floor finish you have used.

An example of the reason for this lets consider Treatex Hardwax Oil. The initial application to the floor is two coats of oil applied by brush, trowel or roller. If you use Treatex soap wash or polish you can apply further coats of oil in the future by simply washing the floor, allowing to dry and applying the oil. If you were to use a maintenance product supplied by another manufacturer there might be substances in that product that are not compatible with further coats of Treatex Oil and problems such has flaking of the floor surface could occur resulting in the need of expensive and intrusive re sanding work


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