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Products Overview

Unlike other floors on the market, Cathedral Flooring has properties within its design which makes it exceptionally stable. It is forgiving and it's design keeps movement, expansion and contraction to an absolute minimum, making it the safest choice for new developments where problems may occur due to higher than normal moisture and humidity levels.


Board Length
& Widths

140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 240 mm, 350 mm wide
Standard Pack lengths are 2.4 m long containing 3 full 2.4 m boards and one board cut in two pieces.

Board Thicknesses

21 mm = 15mm ply and 6 mm Oak Wear layer
16 mm = 10mm ply and 6 mm Oak Wear layer
15 mm = 11mm ply and 4 mm Oak Wear layer
14 mm = 10mm ply and 4 mm Oak Wear layer


Natural     (Minimal to no knots with colour and grain variation)
Charactor   (With Knots,colour and grain variation)


Unfinished (Bare wood sanded and filled)
Natural UV Hardwax Oiled (Clear)
Rustic colour Hardwax oiled (Blackish)
Smoked Oak Hardwax colour oiled (brown)
White Hardwax Oiled

Special Treatment finishes (See below)


Smooth (Sanded)
Wire Brushed (Textured, to order only)
Sand Blasted.

Special Treatment Finishes

Single fumed (Ammonia)
Double Fumed (Ammonia)
Treble Fumed (Ammonia)
Special selection of custom colour oils

Stair Treads
& Risers

Individual tread sets for covering steps and stairs. Comprising 3 pieces, two piece tread with solid oak 200 mm deep front board and engineered back board to make up depth of 400 mm max tread with T & G joint. One piece engineered riser. These sets come in widths of 1.0m and 1.4m

Oak window Board, Profile

Solid Oak board 21 mm thick, 200 mm deep and 3.0 m long with groove in back edge to match cathedral flooring profile. This board has a bull-nosed front edge.
To be used for window boards and long steps.

Cathedral Ash Boards

Limited stock.
Mainly made to order


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